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Why does every kind of food taste better when cooked on a grill?

It is grilling season once again, and my husband and I jumped on the chance to start cooking our dinners on our grill.  That is because everything we make, no matter if it is chicken, fish, or vegetables, always tastes better cooked on a grill.  We really don’t do anything different on the grill, than when we put the food under the broiler.  Same sauces, and everything.  So why does it taste better when cooked on the grill?

    Posted 6 years ago

    Grilling food, whether over charcoal or an open flame, produces flare ups. I’ve found that these flare ups help to infuse the food with a smokey flavor. It also seems to promote faster and more even browning, called the Maillard reaction, which concentrates the food’s natural sugars and forms a delicious crust.

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