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Why do people’s teeth yellow as they age?

My 80 year old father’s teeth are getting more and more yellow, but he has good dental hygiene, and visits his dentist regularly.  What is causing the yellow color?  I am in my late 40′s and my teeth seem a bit yellower than they did also.  Brushing teeth regularly doesn’t seem to help.  What is the cause, and the best fix for this problem?

    Posted 6 years ago

    Teeth become yellow as part of the natural aging process.

    When you are very old, the cause of yellowing could be the wearing away or thinning of enamel resulting in the hard yellow dentin getting exposed. It could also be natural discoloration taking place. The best course would be to ask the dentist to examine and figure out the reason for discoloration so that suitable remedial steps can be taken up.

    Those who are young or not very old, will find the teeth getting stained as a result of the foods and beverages – like berries, tea and soda – that are consumed. Also smoking which will obviously cause discoloration. Here the enamel may have got stained, and the usual teeth whitening tooth pastes may help. In more serious cases, teeth whitening strips or teeth whitening gels may be needed. The best alternative would of course be a visit to the dentist who would put you through the usual bleaching process and restore the pearly white color at least for a few years.

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