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When you purchase a domain name, does privacy matter?

When buying a domain name, what does it mean to pay for its privacy. The amount is negligible, but why some people bother about it?

    Josh Web
    Posted 6 years ago

    When you register a domain with any Registrar, all of the info you provide becomes publicly searchable.

    Some may not want to have their personal information so easily accessed/ Additionally, some webmasters who have multiple sites may not want their sites to be able to be linked by the registration information.

    I use this $7.49 coupon to buy domains from Godaddy, if I want to add privacy it gives me an additional discount.

    Namecheap has Domain Privacy built into their pricing structure. You can register Domains using this link Namecheap coupon includes free privacy for under $10

      Posted 6 years ago

      Note: if you do go for priovacy then some people will, depending on the area your site covers, suspect you of devious practice (why is he hiding his identity?). This applies mainly to internet marketers – if you chose privacy for a site on most other areas then it doesn’t really matter.

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