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When traveling outside of your own country, what are the most important things to remember?

When preparing for a trip outside of the country, I realized that there were several considerations that I normally wouldn’t bother with for travel inside the country.  The obvious item that I needed was a passport, but there were several others.  When you travel outside of the country, what are the essential items that you always have with you?

    Posted 6 years ago

    Outlet Plug Adapter! If I am correct there is 4 different electrical outlet across the world. The most widely used voltage is the European (220-240V) and the North American (100-127V). If you cannot travel without a hair dryer or an electrical razor, these adapters are a must.

    Also, I always have a little cheat list with common words in the native language of the country I visit so I can say hi, thank you, good bye etc. It is amazing the difference it makes when you make an effort.

      Posted 6 years ago

      The most important things to consider when traveling aside from securing a passport are :
      Passport – secure it wherever you go – put it in a safe place.
      credit card that can be used in the country
      cellphone (with charger) – (research if they use the same plug and outlet capacity in your country) which you can activate for international roaming – contact your service provider prior to flying, state the country you are going and the duration of your visit. Since Internet is available in most part of the world, this is an alternative way to communicate.
      Bring some basic medicine like paracetamol, this depends if you have some minor issues like allergies etc.
      secure a number of the nearest embassy office.
      Check with the airport and carrier site online what are allowed in the baggage – hand carry and luggage.

      Additional tips when traveling :

      When you are at the place, for safety precautions always go with group, research first the place you are going to visit, how far from airport, transportation to and fro the place you are going to stay, food etc.
      Research about the culture and weather so that you know what type of clothes to bring.

      I hope these help. Good luck!

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