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What’s the best free blogging provider to use?

There are a lot of blogging services and sites out there, but for a new blogger, which one is going to be the quickest to start up, but give longest range service and value?

    Josh Web
    Posted 6 years ago

    The worst part about being a new blogger is probably the point when you become an old blogger and you realize you have placed tons of your work and time onto free platforms that may disappear at any point, stick ads onto your work or limit your control.

    Instead of Free, a new blogger, should think cheap, for 5/month for a host and under $10 a year, one can be running their own completely self controlled, paint by numbers WordPress or Typepad site.

    If you HAVE to go free:

    Blogger has been around for a long time, is very easy to learn, has lots of themes and widgets for designing and adding functions and Google probably isnt going anywhere anytime soon.

    You can later transfer your content elsewhere if you want, but the style you learn there has no direct use anywhere else.

    WordPress.com offers free sites on the wordpress platform – but limits your advertising and affiliate options and does not give you full control. You can also transfer that site elsewhere if you choose.

    Those are the best traditional options.

    Xobba.com offers a intern style program where authors and designers can learn the wordpress platform within a community, a reward system exists where upon 100 posts (Centurion) a author is given the offer of a free self controlled wordpress hosting package for one year (5/month after or assistance in transferring). That may be of interest to the more professionally minded :)

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