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What makes chocolate so delicious?

It seems that overall chocolate is a universally liked flavor.  What is it about chocolate that appeals to people so much?  There are many other dessert foods, and other foods that have similar textures, but it doesn’t matter, chocolate is always the most popular.  Chocolate is baked into desserts, blended into drinks, and cooked into main dishes and condiments.  It is a flavor that shows up in many cultural dishes across the globe.  Why?

    Posted 6 years ago

    Chocolate is delicious for several reasons, but one important one is the fact that it melts as body temperature giving it that unique ‘mouth feel’ (as I believe it is called) when you savour it in your mouth. Of course, the combination of fat and sugar also makes it appealing since we will always be attracted to energy sources as part of our evolutionary survival instinct.

      Posted 6 years ago

      It has to do with chemicals and brain reaction to it. In chocolate there is phenylethylamine and it makes your brain produce some endorphins and endorphins is making you feel good. Chocolate also contains caffeine and caffeine is a well known stimulant.

      These two compounds found in chocolate might be the reason why we always come back for more.

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