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What is the best wordpress theme for a beginner?

The default theme is the twenty ten theme. Is this good enough and what type of a website is appropriate for it?

    Josh Web
    Posted 6 years ago

    What makes 2010 a good theme is its ability to be customized into any look. At its default , it will just look like thousands of other peoples sites and in that way can be a little bland. 2010 is a vanilla theme and isnt appropriate for any specific type of website. I don’t think there is a universal theme that is best for every person. Design and theme is highly relevant to the type of site you choose to create and your ability to quickly learn and adapt to the various template styles each theme and framework follow.

    I think elegant themes has a great middle ground. The themes have a cost so less people will be using them, but the cost is very low and the backends are very user friendly = Elegant Themes Selection

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