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What is the best way to cure writer’s block?

Writers Block (6)
Photo by Jonno Witts
Like most writers, from time to time I find myself with writer’s block, not knowing what to write, or where to start writing.  Sometimes it is just minutes of writer’s block, but other times, I can go for days without the impetus or motivation to write.

What are your suggestions for curing writer’s block?

    Josh Web
    Posted 6 years ago

    I find activities like this one (reading through Questions and typing out responses) to work well for getting my mind and fingers rolling along again. I also find a nice walk and some mental outlining of the topic or article removed from the keyboard or pen helps me get the ideas developing.

    What to write ..is rarely a block, its usually only happens if I have to write about something that doesnt spark my curiosity. Sometimes, I solve that by dropping the topic!

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