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What is the best way for a new college grad to find a job?

With the economy still shaky, job hunting has changed quite a bit, and many jobs are really competitive.  So much is online, yet many employers still do not use the internet for job applications.  That being said, if someone is coming straight out of college, looking for a job in their field, what is the best way to look?

    Susan Keeping
    Posted 6 years ago

    I would say the best way to look for a job when you are right out of college is to check out companies that are in the field you want to work in. Look at their advertised job openings but if there are none currently open send them a resume.. You might even want to offer yourself as an unpaid or low paid intern to get your foot in the door. Colleges also often have job centers for recent graduates to help them find work.

      Josh Web
      Posted 6 years ago

      In my experience the best way for a new college grad to find a job after college is to have one before they graduate! As suggested above and as part of many curriculum’s an internship or many internships should be pursued with the hope of a job offer. When I officially graduated I already had a half dozen jobs lined up from my intern experience and related networking. While still in school, a student should avail themselves of volunteer opps within their fields in order to gain experience or make connections and also not be afraid to take lower paying jobs at locations they may want better positions at once their degree is in hand. Also Alumni can be great for handshake deals into industries and companies, I was a student ambassador and my work in alumni relations led to career opps also.

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