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What is the best place to sell art online?

I am a visual artist, and I want to sell my art online, but there are so many options that I do not know where to start.  Several people I know sell on Etsy, but they all make jewelry, and I am a painter.  I have also heard that Ebay is a possibility, but Ebay is so overwhelming.  My art prints run between $40 to $100, originals are between $300 to $800.  Help!

    Josh Web
    Posted 6 years ago

    I have had the best success selling art online as an Etsy seller. eBay has a far larger marketplace but the costs of listing items with a hard to measure demand can add up if listings take a while to clear.

    I think everyone should have their own site with portfolio materials, galleries and merchandise and products with shopping cart ability as an ultimate end goal. This can be started and learned as the other easier options are examined.

    Cafepress and Spreadshirt can be used for easy merchandising options that can be later integrated into sites and promoted across all your networks.

    This outline has some good resources even if it is a bit outdated:

    Simple Guide To Selling Art Online

    Social Networks like Facebook have some cool marketplace options that can work well for person to person art sales. I made my first painting sale online via a Myspace Request that I turned into a Private auction.

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