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What has more caffeine a cup of coffee or a latte?

I always thought that espresso was stronger than coffee when it came to caffeine, and I drink it in the morning to wake up, either by itself or in a latte?  However, the barista at my local coffee shop said that espresso is not higher in caffeine than a regular cup of coffee.  Have I been wrong all this time, or am I right?  Which is the best drink to help you wake up in the morning?

    Posted 6 years ago

    There’s no more caffeine in a shot of espresso than there is in a latte, purely because there’s a shot of espresso in a latte. There’s nothing particularly high-caffeine about espresso, because it’s really just black coffee made at the right concentration.

    What might make a difference to you is that adding milk and sugar to the coffee breaks down some of the antioxidants, so it’s not quite as good for you unless the protein and calcium in the milk is of more value than the antioxidants in the coffee (it probably is, but it depends on overall health vs. specific issues).

    In short: drink what tastes best.

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