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What color goes best with steel gray?

My daughter wants to redecorate her bedroom. We just bought her a new bedding set that’s off-white fabric with a steel gray design on it. What color should we paint the walls? The room is only 12 x 14.

    Posted 6 years ago

    I ask myself this question a lot because I am a jewelry artist, so I need to figure out what goes with silver a lot. But I think that shades of blue, like aqua or teal would look great in a bedroom with steel gray. Or you could go with a burgundy type red.

      Posted 6 years ago

      I’d go for light blues on walls, white for ceiling and woodwork, with darker blues for curtains/cushions. Maple or ash furniture would go well with this scheme.

        Susanna Duffy
        Posted 6 years ago

        One wall a deep rich pink, the others mushroom

          Josh Web
          Posted 6 years ago

          I agree that Turquoise / Maroon / Rich Deep Reds are great complements to a steel grey. This site plays in that color scheme

          Online color generators such as this one can be helpful in quickly making color comparisons

          Adobe Scheme Generator

          For a bedroom, I would really soften the colors down though..

          I like these ..

            Posted 6 years ago

            Im always partial to any shade of pink. MY first apartment I had a grey flannel couch and other steel grey accents.. .carpet was rose. . it was my prettiest apartment.

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