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is it good to send your child to preschool as early as possible?

Some parents send their children to school as young as three years or younger, but is this good for the child? What are the advantages and disadvantages of sending a child to school at a younger age?

    Posted 6 years ago

    I am Canadian and I live in France. Here in France school starts at 3 years old (you can wait until they are 5 but if you do, they are way behind). Yes, little kids goes to school 4 days a week from 8:30 am to 4:30pm except on Wednesday. I find this very very difficult to get use to, I found it is too young to be submitted to stress like that. because school is strict with schedule to meet and even goals. Little ones need to develop on the affective level before being sent to school. At 3 years old you are not ready. I think it is one of the reason there is so much stress and depression among French, they start to stress early.

    I spoke often with other moms coming from other countries and most like me are appalled and some won’t even send their kids to school that early. Problem is: if you don’t and wait until they are 5, they are way behind the others. In Scandinavian countries, like Canada, school start at 5 years and that is I think perfectly sane.

    If I had the choice, my little kid would be home with me or at a day center where there is no schedule and goals and stress.

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