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How much is too much when backlinking for your site?

Backlinking is a very important for SERP ranking but how can you tell if you’re doing too much of it?

    Posted 6 years ago

    “Too much” is not really a valid concept – what you need to avoid is the wrong kind of links. That means avoid link famrs, link directories (unless valid and rated by search engines) and also beware of link wheels – where you have a large set of sites and interlink them in certain ways – Google especially dislikes this when done too quickly – spread out over weeks it will probably be accepted.

    “Too many” might have validity if you cram a link over and over on one or a few pages. Search engines won’t comment on this directly but Matt Cutts has mentioned discounting multiple links from one URL.

    Note also that a lot of links from one domain isn’t generally as good as fewer links spread over several domains.

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