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How do you encourage self-confidence in a teenage girl?

My daughter is almost 14 and is always the girl who is at the side of the crowd, or on her own.  I have tried praising her, and rewarding her for her good behavior, and schoolwork, but she just is not developing enough self-confidence in herself.

    Posted 6 years ago

    She’s just at a difficult age, and with your constant reassurance and praise, self-confidence will come in time. At 13, her body is changing rapidly and sometimes the psyche takes time to catch up.

      Posted 6 years ago

      Confidence can take a real knock during the teenage years as girls in particular begin to focus on comparing themselves with others both around them and in the media. My view is that a girl of that age needs to know she is unique and has her own talents that nobody else can take away from her. Hobbies and interests can be both a means of expression and an escape for a teen who is still figuring out where she fits in the world.

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