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How Do You Edit A WordPress Theme?

Is there an easy to understand, online tutorial to get started customizing a WordPress theme? Plugins are great, but it would be nice to have more control over AdSense layout and other elements.

    Josh Web
    Posted 6 years ago

    Customizing any theme will come down to 3 possible methods.

    1. Internal features that are made to allow customization, Premium Themes and Frameworks such as Thesis, Genesis, < a href="http://www.woothemes.com/amember/go.php?r=32960&i=b40">Woo and Elegant Themes are all highly customizable using the inbuilt dashboards , Atahualapa is free theme with pretty advanced edit options.

    2. Modifiying the style sheets, this will require learning some basic css but that is not as daunting as it would seem since modifying existing code is much easier then writing new code.

    3. Editing template files such as single.php , index.php and other existing files to your theme. This is best understood by using the WordPress codex.

    Additionally, this site would be a great resource for very detailed and specific questions as many existing users have advanced knowledge of the wordpress platform

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