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How Do You Clear The Blue Screen Of Death?

I know every Windows PC is susceptible to the BSOD, but how do you get past it to find the underlying problem? Most online resources are difficult for the layman to understand.

    Josh Web
    Posted 6 years ago

    Lol, its not the called the BSOD for no reason at all! If you are lucky you can boot into safe mode by holding F8 while powering up/booting.

    Then you can try last good configuration. Otherwise, its usually about time to either to make some easy hardware changes like ram/fans that often lead to overheating which can cause a BSOD ,graphics cards too , but unless you have something new or you noticed an issue its not likely that you could guess the problem.

    Often the screen will give you an error code although sometimes its blinks by to quick to read. You can google that error code.

    Usually, it means its time to insert your boot disk and start an OS repair or reinstall

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