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Admit It! - The average Question and Answer Site is teeming with drooling idiots

Here at Ask.Xobba.Com we reward intelligent questions and answers with real rewards and revenue opportunities. Prove your value and authority and network with other driven and intelligent web users and publishers.

Those who ask Questions are given 50% of on page ad impressions for the questions they ask.
Dumb Questions, Questions lacking a background of at least 25 words or Questions with typos or poor formatting will be deleted with no notice.
The Reward System for those who Answer questions is structured around what would best benefit online publishers and webmasters.

    • Free Web Hosting
      Advertising Space
      Front Page Links in the Leaderboard
      Cash Prizes

    The Reward Structure for answers is not fully outlined yet. A community spirit is the main goal of the site, if you ask questions, you should attempt to answer ones that fit your area of expertise. This is a closed community but we do welcome your application. Contact admin(at) xobba.com for consideration.